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Marketing & Sales

Arc&Us is a german based team of archers and archery enthusiasts with years of experience in the field and in the archery industry.

We have made it our mission to help companies in the archery industry to better understand their target market in order to give customers easier access to better products. 

Translation Services

We help companies understand translation regulations and to translate their content into the right languages.


For example, according to the European Treaty TFEU §34 and §36, any product that presents a risk of damage or injury due to improper use must contain all warnings in the official language of the EU country of destination.  Non-compliance may result in severe penalties


Let us help you to make your product safe!



Are you looking for a "Look & Feel" review and/or a technical test? Arc&Us provides you with expert experience reports on the appearance and handling of your product and/or with an expert analysis of materials used, geometry, technical behaviour in diagram form, test in basic configuration, test in tuning configuration, vibration behaviour and speed. Publications in professional magazines can be included.



As an exclusive marketing

and sales platform for TopHat®, one of the major archery brands

in Germany, we sell to a network

of over 500 distributors

and pro dealers worldwide

and organize the brands

marketing approach on all


This includes, for example, end customer contact at events, accompanying measures for product releases, advertising channels in print and digital, technical and sales training for dealers. We also provide insights into product feedback and key figures.

Social Media Services

Present your brand content professionally in Europe. Facebook, Instagram and other channels offer best opportunities for brand awareness, image building, sales, information and entertainment. - they all offer best opportunities for brand awareness, image building, sales, information and entertainment. Arc&Us specializes in social media marketing and offers you consulting, conception, implementation and support for all relevant social media channels!